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Re: Roadster Windshield

Subject: Re: Roadster Windshield
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 19:53:45 -0500
>On Sun, 22 Dec 1996 13:03:17 -0500 writes:
>>>I am having trouble installing the windshield in a '70 roadster.
>I resisted the temptation to say this at the original posting but once it
>became a thread i just have to...
>I attempted this job only once, I knew from Mr porter that it was a
>toughie but
>I HAD NO IDEA how difficult it is!
>I will never try it again - call me wimp, sissy whatever - N.F.W.!
>The problem is, i need to replace the screen of my 72 -the true final
>touch for this restoration, it has some horrendous scratches caused by
>the PO thinking the wiper blades were optional - since everything else on
>the car is now finished you can see my aversion to the procedure is to
>the point of being phobic!
>Does anyone in the North East know a glass shop that will undertake it? -
>I have the glass and all the gaskets but despite a lot of telephoning, I
>find most glass installers have a sign in their shops that reads "DONT
>any ideas appreciated.
>BTW I also have a very servicable screen complete assembly which surplus
>to requirements - email me if anyone needs it
>mike robson
>69 roadster
>72 roadster


I replaced mine when it was off the car.  I talked to a local glass company
as to their methods.  They told me that they simply remove the upper
windshield cross piece then slide out the old and slide in the new.
Careful injections of sealant etc. guarantee the work.  This is a major
glass firm and one which does hundreds of windshields a year.  Much
experience with MGBs.  However, this assumes that the rubber molding is in
good shape.  If you have to replace this then the whole thing has to come
out.  YUK.  It is possible to take it out without removing the dash but it
requires "creative" methods.  If you're careful you shouldn't do any
unrepairable damage.  Take out the brake warning light switch and the
headlight switch.  Start with the tach and speedo.  After this it should be

John McEwen

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