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Re: Roadster Windshield

To: Warren Pruitt <>
Subject: Re: Roadster Windshield
From: Marc Steinberg <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 08:23:33 -0800 (PST)

Old post, sorry for the late reply:

When I did my '63, I used a series of rope loops and metal bars ( a 
screwdriver works nicely ) to create tension by twisting.

Your problem is easily solved with two loops of rope:  pass them around 
the windshield vertically a few incehs from either side of the center 
rod.  Make a small loop in the slack, insert the metal rod of of your 
choice, and slowly start a-twisting!  When the dome nut is securely 
attached to the center rod, SLOWLY loosen the ropes by twisting in the 
reverse direction.

This method worked WITHOUT the use of lubricants for the entire 
windshield -- took about a weekend of patient twisting every 20 minutes 
or so, but given the state the resst of the car was in at the time, I 
wasn't in a hurry.

Also, I was able to remove and replace the entire windscreen without 
harming the dash or removing any other components by using a universal 
socket joint where the open-end wrench wouldn't fit.

You're probably already finished, but I thought I'd share this 
anyway...hands down, I thought the windshield was a piece o' cake 
compared with cutting off the seized exhaust mainfold bolts!

-- Marc

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