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Re: B Starter Brushes

Subject: Re: B Starter Brushes
From: "Bradley J. Barnes" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 23:49:32 -0500
At 02:03 PM 12/22/96 -0500, you wrote:
>-- [ From: Bob Nogueira * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --
>Okay, tell me if this qualifies me for a Dan Hughes Lapel pin.
>My BGT, daily driver,  started having starter motor problems just as the
>20 degree weather hit. I  found the brushes were worn. Got new brushes
>and  spent a couple of days trying to soldier them in .  I was forced to
>drive the Morgan during the Cold spell.  Well this weekend I was going
>to see about getting a rebuilt starter since I had no luck attaching the
>brushes. Just as I was leaving to go hunt one down I remembered I have a
>parts car in the back yard;  pulled the starter from it and its in great
>shape . 
>Two nights in the cold garage wasted for nothing.
>Now a question. The parts car starter has a rubber cover over it ( is
>this for safe starting?)  I've never seen one on a care before nor have
>I heard anyone mention it on the list . Looked in the VB catalog and
>they don't show one either. Was this factory equipment?
>Since its in "like new" condition,  I figure it  does nothing worth
>while . (Nogueira's Law of Car Maintenance # 5:  " If a part is in bad
>condition it will be needed for the car to run correctly;  if the part
>is in like new condition  it is totally useless and the car will run
>better without it."   
>Let me also thank everyone who sent me suggestions on installing the
>Bob Nogueira
I belive these where put on by dealerships in the U.S. to waterproof them a
little.  Although I have never seen one that is rubber, only plastic ones.
I believe I have seen them for sale in a few of the british car catalogues,
but I would have to cheque.
                                Bradley Barnes

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