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Re: Overdrive question

Subject: Re: Overdrive question
From: Jeff Fayne <>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 21:31:39 -0600

> Later on i saw by chance a switch on the LH side of the steering column
> which the owner told me was the overdrive on/off and that engaging was
> performed by the wiper arm replacing the dipping mechanism when in use -
> I was gobsmacked! - I have never seen or heard of this type before. - I
> have just looked through all my books some of which do mention the types
> i know but not this one - I also looked at a VB catalogue, (all my others
> are at work) and VB neither carry this system nor illustrates it ( the
> other two being plain to all.)
> Was this an aberration of 1970 along with the split bumper?
> Do I know even less than I thought??
> Is this system something replaceable should it fail?

Not sure off the top of my head which years carried the stalk mounted
O/D switch, but I'm pretty sure replacement switches are no longer

I have a funny story regarding this type of o/d switch:

 I purchased my '70 MGB this last summer after a long search. The PO had
the car a few years, but didn't work on the car himself and didn't know
alot about auto mechanics. 

As this was my first 'B, I brought John Twist's reference book along to
take advantage of his buyer's checklist and to check the engine/body
numbers. All looked proper except the engine number denoted that the car
had overdrive. As I didn't see a shifter or dash mounted o/d switch and
being a neophyte and not knowing what an o/d even looked like, I asked
him if the car had overdrive. He stated it didn't, therefore I just
assumed the engine had been swapped. The car looked promising, so I
bought it. 

As I towed the car home, the engine number o/d designation began to eat
at me. As soon as I got home, I dug out my copy of Clausger's "Original
MGB' and lo and behold I found the switch and the (functioning) o/d :)

Apparently, the PO had driven the car all those years without knowing it
had o/d.

                                - Jeff (I can spot an o/d from a mile away now) 

'70 MGB

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