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Re: MGB Ignition Relay

To: "Peter G. Gilvarry" <>
Subject: Re: MGB Ignition Relay
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 07:42:26 -0600
Peter G. Gilvarry wrote:
> What is the purpose of the Ignition Relay in the later MGBs, is it conected to
> rollover/inertia switch behind the dash. Or is it something from Lucas to 
>give us
> something to do........
> Merry Xmas to all.
> Regards
Peter -
        The ingnition relay prevents current overload thru the ignition
switch.  When the switch is on, the relay provides power to turn
signals, instruments, brake lights!!, radio (I think?), maybe a few
other things.  It does _not_ power the ignition circuit.  The car will
start and run without the relay - still will have power to the fuel
pump.  The fuel pump is powered via the inertia switch.  This is a handy
thing if you are working on the car and don't want the fuel pump running
- reach under the dash and pull one of the wires from the inertia
switch.  Makes a handy anti-theft device as well.

Happy Holidays to all!

Wayne Kube
Plano, TX

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