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Re: Heater box

To: Phil Penfound <>
Subject: Re: Heater box
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 07:34:53 -0600
Phil Penfound wrote:
> I have a '69 Roadster. I am trying to remove the Heater Box from the
> engine compartment bulkhead. I have undone 2 screws: 1 to the
> upright, 1 to the shelf, plus all the screws securing the fuel pipe bracket.
>  I have removed the blower motor. Inside, I have removed the demister pipes
> and vents; the temp control cable. The trouble is that it still won't
> move. What have I missed?

Phil -
        Don't know how different the '69 heater is from the '79.  Mine had at
least 7 screws.  One to the firewall at the very top of the heater -
holds a tab from the top of the heater to the firewall.  Then two on
each end of the heater bolting it to the shelf.  At least two, maybe
three, on the front side of the heater to the shelf.  When these are
out, the heater comes out and goes in at an angle.  You will need to
pull the top forward to clear first, then lift it upwards and out.  You
should be able to take it out as an assembly - the blower motor can
stay.  There should be some time of sealing that may be bonding the
heater to the shelf - and the bottom of the heater protrudes into the
hole in the shelf as well - which is why the heater must come out at an
angle.  Renew all of the seals when you reinstall it - I used
self-adhesive foam weatherstripping I got at a local hardware store.

Good Luck - Drive an MG for Christmas!

Wayne Kube
Plano, TX

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