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Re: MGB Ignition Relay

To: Hezekiah Bolton <>
Subject: Re: MGB Ignition Relay
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 23:22:06 -0600
Hezekiah Bolton wrote:
> Wayne,
>  The list recently bailed me out of a problem where the fuel pump ground
>  connection was relocated by the Paint & body shop.  Before I turned to
>  the list, I noticed that where was an inertia switch in series with the
>  power to the fuel pump.  I like the idea you suggested about using this
>  switch for "anti-theft" purposes.  Where exactly is this switch located?
>  You said "reach under the dash and pull one of the wires".
>  Please guide me a little more?

Hez -
        On my '79B it's located on the driver's (left) side above the hood
(bonnet) release handle.  If the underdash covers are in place, I'm not
sure that you can see it.  It's mounted to the firewall inside the
cockpit - there is a decal informing you of the need to reset it in the
event of a collision.  It's about an inch in diameter and three inches
long.  If tripped, you press the button on the top.  The wires connect
to the bottom.  Back in July, while in San Diego, I had dinner with the
High Priestess (Denise Thorpe to those new to the list).  She had
mounted small hidden toggle switch to interrupt power to the fuel pump
as an anti-theft.  Her car was an earlier model without the inertia

Good Luck -  Best of the season to all.  Drive an MG on Christmas!!
Wayne Kube
1979 MGB
Plano, TX       

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