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Re: Christmas Eve

To: (Barney Gaylord)
Subject: Re: Christmas Eve
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 14:26:26 -0800
Barney would ask you to get an A or God forbid an RX7 :) But seriously, 
this is the right place to find people such as yourself. I happen to 
own a B but will admit I'm real excited with every step taken to get my 
66 Midget on the road. Although it's one step forward and two steps 
back lately. Getting it running is the easy part. I found I'm going to 
have to change every hydralic brake and clutch line and I'm not even 
going to jerk around with the calipers or cylinders (wheel or master). 
Just going new and eliminating the ?. Barring major delemas I should 
have it ready for road by June.    
In any case have a Merry one and Safety Fast, David Deutsch

You wrote: 
>On Tue, 24 Dec 1996 10:51:12 EST (Philip M Haines)
>> .....  my '72 midget. It made it through the Blue Ridge to 
>NC last year. I had a blast! ..... I really appreciated the feeling of 
>personal sports car.  The trip really gave me a feeling of uniqueness. 

>So the idea of finding like minded people seems a bit remote.  It also
>seems they want to have you get a "B".
>I have to agree that the Blue Ridge is a bit remote for a lonesome 
>But right here on this list is a great place to find like-minded 
>Welcome to MG land.  And I would never ask you to get a B.
>Barney Gaylord
>1958 MGA

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