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Re: Christmas Eve

Subject: Re: Christmas Eve
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 01:49:52 -0500
  Heck, I'm flexible (if not actually warped!)  It does'nt really matter
when, Just yell whenever, and I'll be ready.  
 The Parkway is only about 1 hours drive from here along the Interstate; or
if you prefer real roads, it's about 2 hours. So, I can go most anytime. 
   The best times probably are late spring, when the weather is a bit warmer
but not scorching, or early autumn when the leaves are turning. By making the
run during the week, we can avoid most of the Day Trippers. 
  And I can show you a couple of other sections of asphalt that will make you
wonder if the Blue Ridge and Smokies weren't built by God with LBC in mind.


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