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Overdrive question

Subject: Overdrive question
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 19:02:46 EST
Since recommencing my MG involvement, I have only worked with non
overdrive cars. both my roadsters are" Without" as were the two before
that - 
Going back to my careers first incarnation as a callow youth (all RHD
cars) I recall two types of O/D switches
My 69 BGT had a switch set in  the gear knob basically on or off with O/D
engaging automatically when in the on position
My 71 and 74 BGTs had switches mounted on the LH side of the dash - same
procedure, O/D engaging automatically when in the on position.

Today, I had occasion to look at (and the privilege to drive) a 1970 BGT.
The car was in very fine shape and ran beautifully(bit rich and needed a
winter thermostat but otherwise nice), I looked to the gearknob and to
the dash, no switch so what do i assume??..............'aint got it -
Later on i saw by chance a switch on the LH side of the steering column
which the owner told me was the overdrive on/off and that engaging was
performed by the wiper arm replacing the dipping mechanism when in use -
I was gobsmacked! - I have never seen or heard of this type before. - I
have just looked through all my books some of which do mention the types
i know but not this one - I also looked at a VB catalogue, (all my others
are at work) and VB neither carry this system nor illustrates it ( the
other two being plain to all.)
Was this an aberration of 1970 along with the split bumper?
Do I know even less than I thought??
Is this system something replaceable should it fail?

all help duly appreciated - you can see the question mark over my head

mike robson
69 roadster
72 roadster
watch this space

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