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Great gifts!!

Subject: Great gifts!!
From: Jim Boyd <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 12:24:34 -0800
Hey List:

Over the years, I have found the best way to get the best Christmas 
gifts from family is to help them out and be as specific as possible!

This year it worked out as another banner year!  In reviewing The 
Eastwood Companys catalogue, I found a neat item for the Mityvac (brake 
bleeding system).  It is called an automatic fluid feeder and it 
maintains an adequate flow of hydralic fluid to the master cylinder 
while you are bleeding brakes/clutch hydraulics.  I'm anxious to give it 
a shot!  the prospect of not having to recuit a volunteer to pump the 
brake pedal AND not having to get out from under the car and replenish 
brake fluid sound good to me!!

Eastwood also sells a "clay grooming system" for cleaning up paint 
overspray, which also landed under the tree with MY name under it!!  It 
kinda looks like my bar of Zest soap, so I am still to be 
convinced...will let you know the outcome!

As has been said many times before, remember that Jesus is the reason 
for the Season; experience new life thru Him today!

Jim Boyd
Paradise, CA

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