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RE: MGA Radiator

To: Ed McCarroll <>
Subject: RE: MGA Radiator
From: Ernest <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 96 12:22:50 -0800
Ed - 

I am given to understand that aged coolent can actually become the reason the 
joints fail. The tank can be re-soldered easily with a propane or acetolene 
only torch. But I would take it to the radiator shop. The shop I use first 
strips the paint, then unsolders all joints, inspects everything, resolders, 
and paints it anew. A B radiator that needed nothing more cost me $60 while the 
radiator for my A coupe, which needed an entire new core and petcock, cost 
$265. I hate cooling problems so I send radiators out. 

And beware the hazmat team if you do it yourself. They don't like radiators or 


From:   Ed McCarroll <>
Sent:   Thursday, December 26, 1996 11:32 AM
Subject:        MGA Radiator

        During the cold weather I start up the MGA several times a week
        to keep its systems limber.   While doing this recently I
        noticed that after the car had warmed up coolant-wise, that
        there was leakage at several different solder joints on the header 
        tank.   The coolant is well able to stand the cool temperatures
        we have had recently and there has been no freezing of the 
        mixture.   Two questions:    Do solder joints 'fatigue' after
        a long period of expansion and contraction of the metals the bond?
         And, if I am successfull in repairing the joints, can a radiator
        shop strip the too many coats of black paint from the radiator
        so that I can re-paint it to look more presentable?   Is there
        a way to paint strip it oneself?


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