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Re: Battery Brands

Subject: Re: Battery Brands
From: Michael Hartwig <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 09:09:57 -0600 wrote:
> In a message dated 96-12-26 11:49:40 EST, (Charles Edwards)
> writes:
> << Any advantage to buying a DieHard or an expensive Exide as opposed
>  to buying a Pep Boys battery of the same cold cranking amps, with
>  similar warranty periods?  I have heard that there are only 4
>  battery manufacturers in all of the United States, that battery
>  technology is well-known and utilized.  Accordingly, should one
>  spend a lot or a little?
>   >>
> I like the looks of these Optima batteries.  Anyone have any firsthand
> experience that they would like to share ?  Like, are they worth the extra
> $$$ ?
> Bruce Durgin
> 64 B

I bought an Optima for my '78 B.  Remember, it will only fit in the
type battery boxes.  It had amps to spare when I used it.  I could run
my stereo
with ampliier all day long and it would still have plenty of cranking
power.  I
have a measly 500 amp battery in my '70 B, and it strains occasionally
when starting
in cold weather.  This is a combination of the cold weather, of course,
the thick 
20w50 oil I use, and weak battery.   

Thing is though, that I left the '78s lights on while I was down at
Georgia Tech,
and had to get it jumpstarted.  One or more cells in the battery got
Does anyone know how I can re-reverse the cells?  It won't take a
charge.  I don't
know if this experience means the battery is bad or not.  You decide. 
If I had room
in my '70 B for an Optima, trust you me, one would be in there.  It has
plenty of 
power and a supposed 5-8 year warranty.  Amperage 1000 amps at 32 and
800 at 0, I
believe, but I might be wrong.


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