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Re: Battery Brands

Subject: Re: Battery Brands
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 96 10:30:37 PST
     When I bought my '70 MGB about 2 and a half years ago, it had a Group 
     26 12V Exide battery in it.  This battery has never given out on me, 
     even when the car sat for several months with various engine bits 
     scattered about my work bench.  It seems to have plenty of amps for my 
     use, but I must admit the car doesn't see temperatures below freezing 
     very often.
     I've also had two Exides in my H*nda.  The first gave out after only 2 
     years, but I got the replacement prorated.  The second one seems to be 
     doing fine, though it's only a year old so far.
     Incidently, I've heard that 72-month batteries are a sham: they are 
     identical to a 60-month battery but with fancier decals and a higher 
     price to cover the longer warranty.  Anyone else hear this?
     Michael Lytton

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