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Re: Battery Brands

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Subject: Re: Battery Brands
From: "Michael P. Ohleger" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 23:49:34 -0500 wrote:
>      When I bought my '70 MGB about 2 and a half years ago, it had a Group
>      26 12V Exide battery in it.  This battery has never given out on me,
>      even when the car sat for several months with various engine bits
>      scattered about my work bench.  It seems to have plenty of amps for my
>      use, but I must admit the car doesn't see temperatures below freezing
>      very often.
>      I've also had two Exides in my H*nda.  The first gave out after only 2
>      years, but I got the replacement prorated.  The second one seems to be
>      doing fine, though it's only a year old so far.
>      Incidently, I've heard that 72-month batteries are a sham: they are
>      identical to a 60-month battery but with fancier decals and a higher
>      price to cover the longer warranty.  Anyone else hear this?
>      Michael Lytton
> Michael.

I've heard that but had no base in fact.  I've had Exides in my '85 Volvo Wagon 
- gone 
262,000 miles on just TWO. I did it because of the fit, believe it or not.  
I've been 
running a Group 26-type 60 month Interstate in my '67 B with no trouble so far. 
The old 
boy can even keep it charged.  Don't know much about Optimas, but I do know 
Moss charges 
waaay too much for them.


Michael Ohleger
'67 MGB
'70 MGB

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