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Re: Flying Shingle

Subject: Re: Flying Shingle
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 10:26:51 -0500
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<< Are there any US listers who can go back to the mid fifties and recall
 seeing "The Flying Shingle" of Ken Miles in action?

Yes, the Shingle is still around and was restored a few years ago by Mike
Goodman in Los Angeles.  It was then raced at the Monterey Historics.  I
think the car now lives in L.A.  Another famous TD based special of the era,
the Johnny Von Neumann Special, is actively  Vintaged race by Don Martine who
lives in Pacific Grove.  There is a little period book called Speed and Sport
by John Bently that has a picture of this car on the cover and a lot of
details inside about it.  There is something similar on the Shingle but I
don't have it.
Cheers and Happy New Year to all,

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