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Flying Shingle

Subject: Flying Shingle
From: (Syl's Sydney Homestay)
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 22:11:48 +1100 (EST)
To all who posted me direct and via the list their recollections and / or
involvement with the R-2 or "Flying Shingle' - thank you.

I shall reply to each of you over the next couple of days if I may.

I am truly astonished at the depth of knowledge and experience that is
available through this list. When you think that the car about which we
speak raced about 40 years ago we have on the list eye witnesses to events,
drivers of the car, knowledge of its present whereabouts and offers of
period articles written about the car.

With such broad based knowledge it is plain to see why the MG marque
engenders such fierce loyalty - through a tradition built by many over
time. Each generation has added its little bit and this phase of a global
community of enthusiasts through the internet continues this tradition
building process.

We can consider ourselves to be fortunate.



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