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Flying Shingle

Subject: Flying Shingle
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 12:27:02 EST
TA Terry was right in saying that the "Flying Shingle" is still alive and
(Actually, Ken Miles always called it R2; the other was a nickname
attributed by the press). It was separated from its engine many years
ago, then the bits re-surfaced in various parts of the USA in the 80's. 

It is now owned by Pat Hart, who also owns R1 (Miles' first MG special).
Pat bought the car and the engine and had it restored more or less to its
original configuration. The car is kept in the Seattle area. For the
first time in many years, both cars were on the track together at the
Monterey Historics in 1993. R2 was driven by Ron Butler (of dragster
chassis and Cobra replicar fame), while I was lucky enough to drive R1. I
was very pleased to be part of such a special occasion!

Lawrie Alexander

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