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Re: The Rebuild is on the Wall...

Subject: Re: The Rebuild is on the Wall...
From: Jim Boyd <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 08:42:22 -0800
> Well, I guess the handwriting is on the wall for a rebuild of TINTIN's
> engine, but before I jump off that particular bridge, I'd like to get
> some of the list wisdom:
>   Tintin's been smoking a lot lately. A couple of tune-ups have
> helped a lot, but not eliminated it.  In the process of looking for the
> cause of the smoking, a compression check showed 130,130,110,130 lbs
> per cylinder, after three compression strokes.  A squirt of 15wt oil
> into the cylinders raises the compression to 160,160,130,160.
> So the real question is: is the loss of compression in #3 necessarily
> past the rings, or could it be valves?  I almost always get a really
> good puff of blue smoke on morning startup, so the valve guides and/or
> seals are worn.
>   If the rings are leaking, what are the consequences of putting off the
> rebild?  Do the cylinders necessarily need to be bored out?  If there is
> just 'normal' wear for a 130,000 mile engine, with no scoring, can new
> rings be put in without boring and going over-size?  *Sigh*
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Hey Philippe (and TinTin!):

Sounds to me you're looking at the typical #3 cylinder cylinder head
crack in the smog air injection ports.  My suggestion is to remove the
head, have new bronze valve guide and hardened valve seats installed and
go on your merry way!  Make sure that the machine shop carefully checks
for cracks while they have the head...some of the cracks are
unrepairable.  Don't use a cheap head gasket either, or you'll find
yourself back at it again in short order. 

I'd gladly swap you motors if you really have that good of compression
after 130K miles!!  Let's hear what other listers have to say about your

Good luck and Cheers!
Jim Boyd
Paradise, CA

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