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Re: The Rebuild is on the Wall...

Subject: Re: The Rebuild is on the Wall...
From: (Barney Gaylord)
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 19:09:34 EST
On Fri, 27 Dec 1996 10:42:38 -0800 (PST) (10:42 am 18:42 UT) PHILIPPE
TUSLER  <> writes:

> ....., about the rope-in-the-hole technique: if the piston is at TDC,
wouldn't that alone prevent the valve from getting away from you?  It
would drop onto the piston, but how far is that? Half an inch?

If you have a burned valve the air pressure may not hold it in place.  If
it drops 1/2" you can'y get the springs back on.  If you pull it back up
by hand so the air holds it again, the pressure may not keep it in place
while you lever the springs back on.  I've never tried it that way
myself, just skeptical.


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