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Re: The Rebuild is on the Wall...

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Subject: Re: The Rebuild is on the Wall...
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 10:42:38 -0800 (PST) (10:42 am 18:42 UT)
Thank you all so much for all the good advice!
At a minimum, I'll be pulling the head off (Haven't done that in a long
time!) to see what's what.  I'm not blowing a lot of coolant out,
although I do get some loss after an uphill climb, so the leaking head
gasket is a possibility.  No signs in the oil, but I did notice a lot
of moisture out the exhaust last weekend.

Barney, about the rope-in-the-hole technique: if the piston is at TDC,
wouldn't that alone prevent the valve from getting away from you?  It
would drop onto the piston, but how far is that? Half an inch?
If I haven't got anything burned, I will definitely look into those
valve-stem tutus.  My fear is that with SMOG II, if I have any
sloppiness going on, I may be blowing too many hydrocarbons out to
the rectal sniffer.

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