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Sprite Front Suspension

Subject: Sprite Front Suspension
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 00:03:00 -0500
I'm in the process of completely replacing the front suspension on my 1963
Sprite.  New A-arms, springs, king pins, bushing, etc.  I've mounted the
A-arm, king pin, and swivel axle assembly on the car with the new A-arm
bushings.  I now need to install the new springs.  What is the safest way to
install the springs?

I had planned to place the spring into position, raise the A-arm, then
compress the spring by using a hydraulic bottle jack under the end of the
A-arm.  Once compressed the trunnion would then be bolted to the end of the
lever shock.  I'm worried about the spring popping lose during this process
and becoming a missle.  Is this the best approach?

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