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Sprite front suspension

Subject: Sprite front suspension
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 16:24:51 EST
Jarl's idea for a safety wire to prevent the spring flying into your face
is good. A couple of other ideas to make this job safer are.....

Before undoing the suspension, put several worm-drive hose clamps around
adjacent coils and do them up real tight. This will prevent the spring
from extending when the load is taken off and make it easier to get
everything back in place later without fighting the uncompressed spring.

Tie the chassis down to your jack to prevent the whole chassis lifting. A
motorcycle tie-down run over the top of the shock (MG T, A or B) or top
of the spring tower and then gripped under the foot of the bottle-jack
(or hooked to the front axle of the floor jack) will make sure your
jacking effort just compresses the spring, and doesn't push the car up
and away from you. Makes lining up the bolts a lot easier!

Lawrie Alexander

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