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Re: Midget Wiring

To: Mike Ellsworth <>
Subject: Re: Midget Wiring
From: "Vince J. Pujalte" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 07:58:59 -0800
  The Haynes manual is good. I would recommend the purchase of a British 
Leyland factory manual, also, if budget permits.
  Re: Wiring. URL for Guide to Lucas wiring Colours-
  This is helpful as a general guide, also.

God Bless,
'78 Midget
San Antonio, Texas 
P.S. Solder all your electrical connections under the bonnet, and seal 
with heat shrinkable tubing. All soldering-related materials available at 
Radio Shack. Don't use any kind of crimp connectors, Scotch-loks, etc. in 
the engine bay. They will corrode and strand you, or cause a fire...

P.P.S. I am GM Certified in Electrical System Diagnosis.

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