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Re: Variable Idle

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Subject: Re: Variable Idle
From: "John C Bullas " <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 21:06:40 +0100

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> Subject: Re: Variable Idle
> Date: 07 September 1997 17:20
> ***********************************
> Thanks to all for your replies.  I went out and picked up some carb
> cleaner.  Before I test I have another question.  I know it's carb
> but is it compatible with lbc SU carbs? 

I think carb/brake cleaner is the same solvent - no worse (probably
better) than the gas sloshing round
in your SU when it's being run! go for it- I doubt a commercial
product could be marketed if it wasn't "generally" Ok for everything!
I use general carb/brake cleaner on COO's carbs with (gay) abandon

 If so, I think I will clean
> before testing since I have been driving for four months with out
> cleaners.  The car came sans cleaners and they have been back
ordered (they
> just arrived!).  Advice on this would be appreciated.  Please bear
with me
> on some of these questions as I am still relatively new to lbc's
and auto
> fix-up generally.
John C Bullas and COO the "non-standard" '78 1275GT 
"If it don't leak, smell, smoke, melt or burn....
            It can't be made for a Mini"             
"Once you have dug yourself a hole deep enough, stop!"

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