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Re: Variable Idle

Subject: Re: Variable Idle
From: (Eric R. Stephen)
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:29:35 -0400 (EDT)
Reply-To: bk996@FreeNet.Carleton.CA

Someone up there must really be pi***d at me.  The weekend after I
replaced the oil pan gasket, the clutch went!  Long story short, the
clutch has been rebuilt and out of some perverse sense of curiosity I
decided to take a look at the tranny while I was at it.  Just now going
back together after a rebuild.  Just as well that I looked since I
probably would have had to go through the engine/tranny pull soon anyway. 
The oil pan gasket, however, would have been much easier to replace while
on the engine hoist!!!!

  > > >On Sun, 7 Sep 1997, Eric R. Stephen wrote: >
>> ahead with the operation.  Anyone who has attempted this on an MGA will
>> understand that there are five bolts in rather difficult access positions
>> at the front of the pan.  Removal was a snap!  Took the pan to a local
>> service station where I proceeded to scrape about a 1/4" of rock solid
>> debris off the bottom of the pan.  Polished up the pan and on my return
>> the block surface, applied the requisite ring of grease to hold the gasket,
>> and starting putting the bolts back in.  Then came the "front five". 
>> After two hours of hell, I had managed 3 of 5.  The remaining two (extreme
>> left and right) required that I obtain the use of a thin fingered neighbor
>> to finally get the d**m things started and finally tightened.  Long story
>> short, filled with oil and leaks!  If there is an easier way to
>> get the front bolts in, I love to hear!
>Heh heh.  Yeah, those front bolts are something!  I use an "ignition
>wrench": very small and thin, barely fits up in there, one twelfth turn at
>a time!  It's very zen, if you can just remain calm and not get pissed
>off.  Then when you're done, you have a strange feeling of accomplishment
>that you can't really explain to anyone who hasn't done this kind of
>thing.  Next time I have to drop the pan, I think I'll try loosening the
>motor mounts and jacking it up an inch or so.
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