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Re: Variable Idle

Subject: Re: Variable Idle
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 10:06:30 -0500
On Sun, 7 Sep 1997 00:53:03 -0400 (EDT) (Eric
R. Stephen) writes:

>Back to the "idle" issue.  Would someone kindly suggest to this newbie
>where the liquid should be sprayed (intimate detail if possible).  In
>addition, it would be great to get some consensus on "volatile vs.

The most likely place for a leak is where the throttle shafts enter/exit
the carb bodies.  There are four places this happens.  The throttle shaft
is a brass rod.  There are two of them that are connected between the
carbs by a springy looking connector piece.  Over time the rod, and
sometimes the carb body itself, will wear allowing air to enter those
places.  If you have a leak you can sometimes just replace the rods and
it will be fine.  In other cases, you might have to get the carb body
rebushed and oversized shafts installed.  The latter will have to be done
by a professional.

Hope this helps!

David Littlefield
Houston, TX

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