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RE: Possibly have found car

To: Benjamin Ruset <>,
Subject: RE: Possibly have found car
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 16:19:21 -0400

I have been down this road more times than I care to admit.  Happens with
cars, houses, and a lot of other things.  Be grateful that you had enough
sense (and not enough money) to not buy the car on first site.  

The important things are:  

1.  Follow your dream.  Don't get discouraged out of buying your MG.

2.  Find the right car, and take your time.  Everyone has had "the perfect
car" bought out from under them.  Relax.  There are lots of these cars out
there.  The worst mistake is someone running out to buy the next car they
see so that they won't loose another one.

3.  Learn everything you can about the car model of interest.  There are a
lot of books out there.  This list will give you more opinions and advise
than most people could digest.  

4.  Buy the most expensive car you can afford, unless you really want to do
a restoration.  You be ahead in the long run.


Chris Delling

(77B, Paid $1250, about $7500 later I have a nice car worth $5-6K)  

>Well, I just (stupidly) paid $45 to put my Mercury in the paper, so I might
>as well sell it. I'll probably pick up a beater car to last me a while
>until I find the B. I'm also going to call on one in the paper for $2500,
>as well as pick up a copy of Hemmings.
>"Up the airy mountain,
> Down the rushy glen,
> We daren't go a-hunting
> For fear of little men."
>                --William Allingham

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