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Re: Possibly have found car

Subject: Re: Possibly have found car
From: (Larry Dickstein)
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 20:50:44 EDT
        Ah, Ben, you have learned a valuable lesson.  That is why, my
friend, that bars are dark.  A clue:  a missing OD selector often heralds
a missing OD unit.  Keep in mind that if you find a beautiful car w/ no
engine, you are ahead of a car w/ a great engine and tons of rust and/or
bondo.  Engines are cheap; body work is expensive; and interiors are
cheap,too.  It's all relative.  Take your time and get the best you can
afford.  Let someone else take the hit for his "investment".  In other
words, it is usually cheaper for you to let someone else spend his money
on your car.
        BTW, don't send pictures to people who are tire kickers.  You
usually don't hear back from them and they rarely buy any car and they
will never even send your pictures back.

Larry Dickstein 

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