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Re: Supercharged LBC

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Subject: Re: Supercharged LBC
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Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 07:55:01 -0500
Supercharging an MGB has been done.  I have a picture of an MGB with an
Eaton Supercharger on my website:

Currently the two most popular ways (easiest, possibly) would be to fit a
new Eaton (as in the picture above) or find a Judson supercharge for the
MGA, and fit it to the MGB (this has been done also).  I've been searching
for a Judson for quite a while, and haven't found them.

Two warnings, I've been told the Eaton gives to much boost for the MGB, and
will will wear out the engine faster (also assuming that as general rule
for supercharging).  And secondly, since you would have to buy a used
Judson you WILL need to find one in extremely good and almost new

Something is in my mind about using Judsons with Solex carbs?  But I can't
remember the whole story about that...

And believe me, I've pretty much searched high and low for a Judson...and
if you do find an good used one expect to pay about $1300-$1500.


Kai Radicke --, 1966 MGB @
IRC:, #inet-access (my nick: ActiveX or KMR)

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Date: Friday, January 02, 1998 10:56 PM
Subject: Supercharged LBC


Just read a killer article in the December/January '98 issue of British
Car.  A talented gentleman supercharged his (please don't flame me for
this) TR6 using basic gargage tools and a tablesaw!

Already I'm thinking it would be ideal for the B, especially the 5 main
bearing engine.  Supercharging makes so much sense when you're looking for
extra horsepower from a stock block.  At maximum boost the estimate is an
extra 80 horses and his installation still passed Conneticut State
Emissions testing.

The technology has been around for ages.  Has anybody out there
supercharged a B?


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