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Re: Supercharged LBC

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Subject: Re: Supercharged LBC
From: "Michael F. Adamson" <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 11:09:23 -0500
Michael S. Lishego wrote:

>>Oddly enough, I was recently thinking about trying the same thing for m=
'B.  Here's =

>>my idea:  I have a set of hopeless dual SU's.  Use each dashpot as the
housing for >>the turbine.......etcetera.........
>>I seem to remember that Dodge vehicles use a turbo boost of =

>>5-8lbs, while the earlier Saab turbos could run as high as 20lbs.    =

>>Obviously, the turbines would be spinning full-time, so tests would hav=
to be =

made to ensure that the turbos didn't hit their peak at say,

Mike the beauty of supercharging is that turbines are not involved.  The
blower is connected directly to the engine.  Your pulley size would
determine the blower speed.

>>I also thought about stacking three or four old electric fan blades fro=
the later =

>>MGB's, but I dunno if the plastic blades could stand up to a hellacious=

boost pressure =

>>without disintegrating........etcetera =

Blowers are typically positive displacement gizmos.  Axial flow fans can
easily "stall" spinning in their own little vortex of air and providing n=

>>....superchargers and turbos for a while and know their characteristics=
=2E =

I'd also like to =

>>know what effects this would have on my engine.  Would I have to upgrad=
my cam, =

>>lifters, rockers, crank, etc?  Would I run the risk of detonation, or
even worse, =

>>seizure? .......etcetera

The beauty of supercharging is that you should be able to bolt it on a
stock engine with no modifications with the only caution being compressio=
ratio. If the existing compression is too high, the blower could create a=

real problem.

It's a great idea isn't it!!  You really should read that article.


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