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Help with interior...

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Subject: Help with interior...
From: "Nunez, Eduardo" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 14:32:52 -0500

I have an opportunity to pick up some parts for my '75B.  I found a 74
in a local yard, only been there about 4 months.  It has been wrecked
from the rear, but the interior and engine compartment are intact and
all original (!).  The front grille and right side wing are damaged from
the same accident so that they're unuseable.  The yard will not part the
engine (which I do not need anyway), and will only sell the inetrior as
package.  This includes: door trim, seats (no tears, in great shape,
w/original upholstery), instrument panel (complete, all switches in
place), center console, and steering column (if I want it!).  They're
asking $200 for the interior, which to me sounds reasonable considering
the condition of the parts, and what new replacements cost.  I really
only wanted the seats and some switches, since not only are the covers
and foams on mine shot, but the frames are also in very bad shape, but
this might be just too good to pass up.  

Any recommendations, ideas, suggestions, etc., would be appreciated
before I spend my hard to acquire $200,

Thanks in advance...

Ed Nunez

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