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Champion Vs. NGK

To: MG <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Champion Vs. NGK
From: Adrian Jones <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 23:14:04 -0400
This is a good subject.  Today I picked up a box of Champion and a box of=

NGK spark plugs.  Not so long ago I had a bad Champion straight out of th=
box.  I mean, an infinite resistance from the top of the plug to the cent=
electrode.  So I now make a point of checking them with the multimeter.

Anyway, if I'm reading the multimeter correctly,  the Champions were
between 50 and 100K ohms.  The NGK plugs were between 2.5 and 3K ohms. =

What's the deal?

Old farts want to know.

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