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Re: splash panel removal

To: Blake Wylie <>
Subject: Re: splash panel removal
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 12:31:09 -0700
Blake Wylie wrote:
> Just wondering...
> Is it easy (or possible for that matter) to remove the front splash panels
> to replace the rubber without removing the fenders?  

No and yes!  No, it is not easy depending on how much gunk, tar, and
other assorted stuff has bonded itself to both the rubber and fenders
over the years.  The real complication is getting the screws out.  Yes,
it is possible to do w/out removing the fenders.  Make sure you have the
right screw extraction tool before you start.  I'd use a hand impact
driver w/ the correct screwdriver tip to START with.  Otherwise, after
you booger up the heads, it will be nearly impossible to remove them

Larry Dickstein

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