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Re: splash panel removal

To: Trevor Boicey <>
Subject: Re: splash panel removal
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 03:23:00 -0400
Thanx for the advice. I was looking at a 72 B in Ottawa this past winter
but the PO declined his offer to sell once I got serious. His name was
Ted Freeman I am not sure off the address right now but it seemed to be
a nice car. Do you know it?  It had been serviced for 16 years at The
Sportscar Factory, I believe south of Ottawa. What parts are you
seeking? I don't have access to the web. (long story)

Andy Proudfoot
77B, 67B (sort of)
From: Trevor Boicey
To: Proudfoot, Andrew;
Subject: Re: splash panel removal
Date: Friday, June 26, 1998 2:52AM

Proudfoot, Andrew wrote:
> I shall be replacing the same on my 77B this coming winter. Is it still
> easier than removing the fenders? Or am I facing the same battle? I
> haven't removed  fenders myself but understand it is no easy task.

  IMHO neither is pretty difficult from my experience, and said
experience is on anything but pristine cars!

  Removing the splash panels in my case was just a matter of
attempting to remove all the bolts, ALL of which broke off
with little or no force. However, off is off, and I wasn't
reusing the bolts anyways so it probably saved time when
they snapped.

  As for the fenders, just a LOT of bolts. It wasn't difficult,
but I do remember spending a lot of time asking myself why
something that a five year old can carry needs SO MANY BOLTS
to hold it down.

Trevor Boicey, Ottawa, Canada.,
[ Seeking some miscellaneous MG parts, see the list on the web page... ]

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