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Subject: Re: Swaps
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 15:49:45 EDT
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> if you must indulge your knuckle dragging tendencies


In one sentence, you've wiped out all my respect for you that grew over the
year or so I've been reading your posts. I will not get into a debate over
this, but I will say one thing.

There is nothing sacred about any of these cars, MGA, MGB, TC, TD or any MG.
They were guilt by Abingdon for one purpose, and one purpose only - to make a
profit. Abingdon was driven to produce the MG by precisely the same reason
that GM is driven to produce a Caprice. Any mystical or spritual
characteristics you wish to ascribe to these cars comes strictly from your own
personal tastes and interests, not from something inherent to the cars
themselves. They are simply pieces of machinery, mass produced machinery
produced to a budget to satisfy a bottom line at that, to be enjoyed as is,
modified, or not enjoyed at all, depending on ones taste. As such, there is no
real distinction between an MG and a hot rod or a street rod, or, for that
matter, a low rider. Yes, in operation, they serve totally different purposes,
but the primary purpose of all is the enjoyment recieved by the owner.

You want to claim that these cars are a work of art, and should be treated as
such? Yes, unquestionably, the DESIGN of these cars was indeed a work of art.
The DESIGN, not the cars themselves. The design deserves to be preserved in a
museum for posterity. To that end, a few of these cars should be preserved in
museums so that the designers art can be enjoyed. Once the design was
completed, the art was done. After that, the drawings were turned over to a
team of engineers to produce the stamps and dies to mass produce them as
cheaply as possible, while maintaining a minimum quality level. I'm sorry, but
I can't get emotional about a piece of machinery that was stamped out on an
assembly line, by semi-skilled workers.

If I am a knuckle dragger, then I am in very select company, company that
includes such automotive legends as our own Cecil Kimber. After all, it was
his "knuckle dragging" desires that motivated him to modify his first Morris
automobile that led to the production of the MGs that you have elevated to the
status of a shrine.

I will enjoy my cars the way I wish, without any need for your approval, thank
you very much!

Dan Masters,
Alcoa, TN

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