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Re: Choke Knob Location f/77

To: "Proudfoot, Andrew" <>
Subject: Re: Choke Knob Location f/77
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 09:29:06 -0700
Hi Andy,

    Thanks, I'll check that out.

Bud Krueger

Proudfoot, Andrew wrote:

> Bud;
> I have a 77B with manual choke a PO (and lister) routed it through the
> switch/warning bulb blank located to the top left of the tach. Works
> great and you wouldn't know but it was factory. Actually I didn't until
> Terry told me. Hope this helps, as for not locking, sorry I can't offer
> any expertise in that area.
> Best Wishes & Safety Fast
> Andy Proudfoot 77B, 67B parts car
>  ----------
> From: Bud Krueger
> To: MG List
> Subject: Choke Knob Location f/77
> Date: Saturday, September 05, 1998 11:46PM
> A bit of help, please,
>  manual choke setup.  Would you please share with me some ideas on where
> better to mount what kind of choke control?  TIA.
> Bud Krueger
> 52TD
> 77MGB

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