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Re: Choke Knob Location f/77

To: Steve Shoyer <>
Subject: Re: Choke Knob Location f/77
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 09:30:39 -0700
Thanks, Steve.  I'll check that out.

Bud Krueger

Steve Shoyer wrote:

> A PO had installed a manual choke on my 1980 MGB and placed the choke
> control in the dash where the dashboard light dimmer had been.  The dimmer
> was just hanging behind the dashboard.  When I rewired the dash, I left the
> choke control where it was, but put the dimmer in the blank switch above
> the hazard switch - I figured the choke control would get a lot more use
> (and more twisting), so it was already in a pretty sturdy spot.
> --Steve
> >Would you please share with me some ideas on where better to mount what
> kind of choke control?  TIA.
> >
> >Bud Krueger
> >52TD
> >77MGB
> >

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