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Re: Carbs, cats(!),etc. was:Re: Clearance troubles...

To: Rich Mason <>
Subject: Re: Carbs, cats(!),etc. was:Re: Clearance troubles...
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 17:02:30 -0700
Rich Mason wrote:
> At 08:32 PM 9/10/98 -0500, wrote:
> >Speaking of dual carb conversions, etc, what, in listers experience, is the
> >primary cause for the loss of horsepower on later B's? I know there is a
> >change in carburetion, addition of an air pump, and a cat converter. Is
> >there anything else? What is responsible for the lion's share of lost
> >horsepower? I assume it is "breathing" related because very little torque
> >is lost, but hp peaks at a lower rpm (and the peak is less).
> I think part of it was somewhere around '72 or so, they started reporting
> horsepower at the wheels rather than at the flywheel.  Look at the specs for
> engines in that era and you'll see significant drops in horsepower across
> the board.
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I have some figures from somewhere, that give the BHP loss of the USA

1971....95bhp @ 5500 rpm with 105 lb/ft
1974....87bhp                 103
1975....85bhp                 100

How does that match to the pollution equipment fitting periods??


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