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RE: B update...soon! (And 2 questions)

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Subject: RE: B update...soon! (And 2 questions)
From: "Chris Delling" <>
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 15:51:32 -0400
Hold on there partner!

On all rubber bumper B's imported to The States, the oil cooler was deleted
as a standard item - it was an option, and most B buyers opted against.
Still, it is a worthwhile fitment, particularly in warm climates.   I added
one to my B, but put a shroud on it around this time of year, as the air
temp drops.


Chris Delling

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> Subject: Re: B update...soon! (And 2 questions)
> Nevin:
> Look underneath the horizontal panel where the radiator sits to
> find the oil
> cooler. It "hangs" on later Bs, whereas early ones (like mine) have cooler
> upright in front of the radiator. If it doesn't have one, someone has
> removed it and it would probably be a good idea to put it back.
> I'd consider
> that a lower priority with the HIGHEST priority going to a thorough
> inspection of the brake system so you can at least stop.
> Dan
> 73 B
> -
> >A couple of questions I've been pondering; does the later B ('78)need the
> >oil cooler? I looked for it on this one, but didn't see one. Was it an
> >option? If so, what are the cost/benefits?
> >

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