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Re: Fuel Pump Problems

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: Re: Fuel Pump Problems
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 15:45:13 -0600
The point is that the gunk is more concentrated at the lower level of fuel, so
it is more likely to be picked up.
'72 B Daily Driver

Paul Hunt wrote:

> An oft repeated comment, but I can't see it, myself.  The fuel pickup is the
> same distance from the bottom of the tank regardless of the amount of fuel
> in the tank, and the gunge will always be at the bottom.  When the fuel
> level drops below the pickup, it won't be picking up anything, fuel or
> gunge.
> PaulH.
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> From: Dan Pockrus <>
> To: Craig Brownlee <>;
> <>
> Date: 05 December 1998 02:41
> Subject: RE: Fuel Pump Problems
> >
> > My son's '74 did the same thing last week. I pulled the bowl off the
> >fuel pump and found it had about 1/2" of rust and various other uglies in
> >the bottom of it. Cleaned everything up, reinstalled the bowl - all is
> well.
> >It seems he had run out of gas a couple of days before (typical
> >non-functional fuel guage), and I'm guessing the last 1/2 gallon or so was
> a
> >little thicker than usual.

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