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Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:46:27 -0600

If you would like to end up with a really nice looking engine, you might
start with a really good engine enamel. The above link is to Bill Hirsch
products. Call the man, get a quart of "MG Maroon" engine enamel. Use a high
quality china bristle brush. Brush it on. It is that easy. Use a red
iron-oxide primer to prevent rust.

As for the ancillaries, there is a product called "Almu-blast" and
"Cast-Blast" in rattle cans that makes cast aluminum or iron look new. I
don't know of a national distributor.

I've always had good luck with Rustoleum rattle cans for gloss black. And
contrary to urban myths, I have never put so much paint on a radiator that
it caused thermal problems.

Cast exhaust manifolds are not hard to paint -- they're hard to prepare.
They must be sand-blasted if you expect the paint to adhere and then,
surprisingly, most high-temp paints work fine.

Spraying finish parts with a clear coat is cheap insurance (if the parts
don't get very hot).

Most painting mistakes are preparation mistakes.

Bob Allen, Kansas City
"A fox knows many tricks; a skunk need only know one."

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From: Neil Cotty <>
>Can someone recommend what primer I should use when painting engine
>components? ie Block/Head etc? I would *like* to attain a high quality
>finish, but have little experience at painting. Last time I tried I ended
>with a yukky matt finish (on my heater box), even though I was using gloss
>paint and primed. Is there a website somewhere that lists how to paint step
>by step? I've seen some really beautiful motors, and have always wondered
>how people get them looking that way, because most home repaints I see look
>pretty damn awful!!! <G>

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