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To: MG List <>
Subject: Points
From: Chris Chandler <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 11:35:50 -0500
Back with another question...

I'm going to replace the points in the dizzy.  When I re-assembled the
dizzy I noticed that what I had was cheap junk, but the weather was
right and I wanted to take her for a spin.  What more can I say?

My question: is there any appreciable difference in quality between what
Moss says are "Lucas" points and the ones they call "replacement"
points?  Are there any that are better than those?

I have a really nice (but worn) set on the other car that seem to be of
a much heavier construction.  The difference appears to be in both the
metal and plastic parts (the "good" ones have a hard red plastic and the
"bad" ones a soft white plastic) and I'd really like to get another set
of those "good" ones if I can figure out where they came from.

As always, any help is vastly appreciated.
'72 B Roadster "Red Baron" (Too many pieces to count)
'70 B Roadster "The Ghost"

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