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To: Neil Cotty <>
Subject: RE: Points
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 17:22:22 -0800
No fuss Neil.

        You forget you are living in a land where people who shop at K mart
have Lucas ignitions.
        In the US I have only bought ignition stuff at a 'Merican parts
store one time.  The rotor was so poor of a quality I put the carved up
carbon tracked one back in the car and continued driving across the Arizona
        On the other hand my brother bought a set of points for his Austin
Marina from a parts store in Denver.  They were Lucas and only cost $18.00!!

        Seriously.  Lucas, Intermotor and Bosch are all servicable quality.
Bosch uses a phenolic lifter if I recall, but I have yet to see any problems
with the plastic lifter.  So long as the current draw is within specs.  My
guess is that anytime one sees premature points failure take a good hard
look at coil current draw.

And we like you too Neil.


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> Sent: Monday, March 22, 1999 6:05 PM
> To: Chris Chandler; MG List
> Subject: Re: Points
> Chris,
> >Moss says are "Lucas" points and the ones they call "replacement"
> >points?  Are there any that are better than those?
> I like Bosch points. Take a look at a Lucas set and then a 
> Bosch set and
> you'll see what I mean. If you can't find Lucas to compare, 
> don't worry
> about it buy the Bosch. Much heftier construction. In 
> Australia you can buy
> a set of Bosch points for an MGB in K-Mart for a few bucks. 
> You must be able
> to buy the same thing in the US no, since K-Mart is an American chain.
> Wouldn't bother going to a speciliast for a set of points, 
> condenser etc,
> all these bit's are super common and any parts store would 
> carry them even
> if K-Mart didn't. Sorry Moss <G> I like you guys and your 
> stuff - really!
> Cheers,
> Neil.
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> Neil Cotty - Sydney, Australia
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