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Re: Blowing

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Subject: Re: Blowing
From: (Baker, G.)
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 11:33:23 -0800
  Have you played with any other blowers besides Judsons?  It seems like a small
Paxton or Eaton could be set up for $4000.  I don't know that much and certainly
couldn't be termed a technophile but wouldn't a blower be easier to setup than
a turbo?
Thanks for your response,
Gregg Baker wrote:

> I have some experience with positive pressure systems. I have run a Judson on
> a B engine (in an A - might as well have something that looks good ;-) , and
> currently have a street driver that has a V6 in it that I tuned from 140 bhp
> to 300 bhp with a turbo set up.
> If anyone does this, let me know - It's always nice to know that there are
> people out there that are farther gone than you are, that you can point to
> and tell your wife - "See, at least I don't do that sort of thing!" (while
> busily doing something else just as crazy, no doubt).
> Bill Spohn

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