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Re: Blowing

To: MGS <>
Subject: Re: Blowing
From: Rich Peterson <>
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 22:04:08 -0400
Eaton currently makes three sizes of supercharger with two more on the
way.  Current production includes a 62 cubic inch, a 90 cubic inch and a
112 cubic inch.  The 90 is used primarily on the GM 3800 (3.8l) engine,
the 62 is older GM and the 112 is Jaguar and Ford Lightening pickup.
Soon to be released are two smaller superchargers:  one designed for
2.0l engines (+/-) and one designed for 1.0l engines (+/-).  Eaton works
directly with some aftermarket companies to produce kits for  . . . dare
I say it . . . Miatas and others, so I assume an MG conversion could be
done with existing or future hardware.  I have a friend who runs a drag
bike (1100cc) with an 80 cubic inch blower . . .


Rich P.

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