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Clutch ?????????

Subject: Clutch ?????????
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 19:44:29 EDT
After all the multiple times I talked about bleeding the hydralics - 
today I found I needed to. My clutch quit releasing - and guess what - I 
don't own a ShopVac!! The one I used before, I borrowed. 
Well after about a quart of brake fluid through the master cylinder the 
situation is worse. I guess that either the Master Cyl is bad or there is 
a leak in the line. I just keep getting air out of the bleeder. Now had I 
known this yesterday I could have picked one up at BritFest (which by the 
way was great-my first time there). Now I spent several hours on a 
BEAUTIFUL SUNNY Sunday trying to do something I finally figured out 
wasn't gonna happen. 

So now I come to the wisdom of the listers, If air continues to get in 
the bleed line is that indicitive of a leak in the line or a bad master 
cylinder. I gotta fix this fast as this is my only car and a daily 
driver!! If it is the line (red plastic) what do I use to replace it? Or 
do I gotta order from the usual sources?


PS more on Britfest tommorow - when I can use the work account (bblmail)

Larry Macy
78 Midget

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