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Re: Help, My Seat's too High!

Subject: Re: Help, My Seat's too High!
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 20:54:41 EDT
On Sun, 2 May 1999 10:25:14 -0700 "Lonn Howard" <> writes:
>My problem exactly!  I just completed an interior restoration and
>recently sat in our new BGT for the first time.  My wife is 5'4" and
>even she has difficulty with the seat/leg-room/steering-wheel 
>Let us know how you fix this problem.  I was/am considering a new
>steering wheel that is smaller in diameter 'cuz I've never even sat in 
>B before and didn't know what it should feel like. I thought it odd 
>it should be so tight.  I'll hold off for a while.
>Lonn Howard
>'70 TR6  -mine
>'71 TR6  -in my garage
>'70 MGB GT  -ours
>'89 Saab Turbo Convertible  -hers
>"We are but temporary custodians with an obligation of preservation."
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>Subject: Help, My Seat's too High!
>> I just got done re-doing the driver's seat on my 71 B. I used parts
>> Moss: foams, diaphragm, and seat upholstery kit. I used a diaphragm
>> of webbing because the original seat had a diaphragm. Now my seat is
>> HIGH! My legs are pressing against the steering wheel. I can't drive
>the car
>> this way! Before the renovation, I had a very comfortable fit. I'm
>only 5'8"
>> so it's not my physique that's the problem. The new parts don't look
>> much different. But, I noticed the new foam is stiffer. Also the new
>> diaphragm is way, way, way tighter than the original one. It seems
>more like
>> plastic than rubber and does not want to stretch. The little 
>> bars that the hooks attach to bent into V's under the strain. Has
>> else run into this problem? Does Moss have a Email address?
>> Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
>> 52 MGTD - under DIY restoration NEMGTR #11470
>> 71 MGB   - AMGBA #96-12029, NAMGBR #7-3336
Not sure about this at all - my first reaction was to think "how would
Bob Allen answer this one" - hehehe - we miss your vitriol Bob - are you
out there??
I have done quite a few interiors in the ast few years - three of my own
and three for friends and i havnt come across this problem so far - the
only difference that i can think of is that in all of them i have used
canvas instead of the diaphragms or webbing and on two of them (a 68 and
my own 69) i shaved about 1/2-3/4" off the bottom of the seat foams
because they were just too thick.
Grant make a nice "signature" woodrim 13" wheel for about sixty bucks at
autozone..... its the only fix i can think of!

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
53 Riley

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