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Re: Clutch ?????????

Subject: Re: Clutch ?????????
From: Jurgen Hartwig <>
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 21:03:42 -0400

> So now I come to the wisdom of the listers, If air continues to get in
> the bleed line is that indicitive of a leak in the line or a bad master
> cylinder. I gotta fix this fast as this is my only car and a daily
> driver!! If it is the line (red plastic) what do I use to replace it? Or
> do I gotta order from the usual sources?

Larry, you might want to use a different bleeding technique, although I
don't know if it will work with the MGB.  Take off your clutch master
cylinder cap.  Get a object that will allow you to push your clutch
pedal down and place a stop in the car to keep the pedal down.  Now,
leave for a few hours and come back.  When you return, air entrained in
the fluid should migrate back to the master cylinder and escape.  This
worked with incredible success on a friend's Ford Probe.  
I can't think of any spots in the line that would prevent air from
returning to the cylinder, but I'm also in my room and not looking at
the car right now.  If you're running silicone brake fluid, good luck
trying to get rid of the air.  It's tough.

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