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Re: A few of my favourite things... (Journalish)

To: Jason Dutt <>
Subject: Re: A few of my favourite things... (Journalish)
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 16:08:23 -0500
  Hi Jason,

   I sure can identify with your post about enjoying our cars.  I have
gone very fast in little cars. Hell, I've gone very fast in big cars.  I
didn't buy my current B to blow off doors, although I can identify with
the guys who get a kick out of driving a "sleeper".  I just love to
drive the thing and enjoy the fellowship with others who share my
enjoyment of that aspect of the hobby.  ANYONE can go fast.  It's all
related to cubic money. (BG)  

  Peg and I just enjoy motoring in our B.  Having folks ask us, "What
kind of car is that?", just adds to the enjoyment.  

  Bugger going all out.  Drive 'em 'cause ya like 'em, unless you think
you have something to prove.


Jason Dutt wrote:
> I just have to send this in...
> My wife and I had a fabulous day in the B yesterday.  It was British Car day
> in Richfield, Ohio, which is only about 40 minutes from our home.  We never
> miss it, but this year was especially nice.  Several interesting cars were
> there this year, and the turnout was spectacular.  As we were leaving, I
> said to her, "It's so nice to be going back to a car that's nearly as nice
> as some of the ones we just looked at?"  She chuckled.  I loved it, and got
> a whole new appreciation for the hobby.
> We spent the rest of the beautiful, warm, sunny day driving through the
> CVNRA park system nearby...made a few random stops at lemonade stands and
> antique stores.  I think the most fun part about driving on a Brit Car day
> is the fact that everywhere you go LBCs are to be found for that day.
> Crossing paths on the road, in the parking lots, etc.  There's so many of us
> out there for that one day that you almost stop waving at each other <g>.
> These are the kinds of days that make the whole thing worth it.
> Best Regards,
> =J=

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